Great Sex Tips Every First-Timer Should Know

Whether your first with someone new or both out to lose your virginity, having sex can be nerve-racking! Here are first-time pointers for both men and women wanting to get the most out of the experience:

Be Safe to Fully Enjoy Sex

The most sensible thing to do, which can help you stay relaxed more than what you may think. Nothing can ruin great sex than worrying about diseases and pregnancy at the back of your mind. It will only make you feel even more awkward or worse, show you’re distracted and unfocused on your partner.

Breathe. Feel the Moment

Savor every minute of it! Don’t dwell on nervousness nor feel the obvious parts that will soon unite. Enjoying sex is feeling the sensations that tingle throughout your body as his or her skin touches yours. Breathe in and relax, and notice where your partner’s hands and fingers are and where they go down to all the way.

Take Time for Foreplay

The more aroused you get beforehand, the better sex will be. Never skip on foreplay- from the good, old-fashioned kissing to fingering to oral and clitoral stimulation. Playfully do these things as you approach the pleasurable main event!

For Men

If you could, masturbate a couple of hours prior to your date or meeting up with your girlfriend to have sex. Doing so relieves the oral tension and will keep you from the dreaded premature ejaculation, which can happen quick as lightning soon as you get inside her!

Take it slow. Rushing things can set you up for two things- either the over-excitement topples you to ejaculate early, or go limp with the same reason. Pause if you need to, take a few deep breaths and kiss her to keep things calm.

For Women

Don’t be too anxious about staying wet. Having sex the first time is quite exciting and thrilling, but not necessarily arousing. You may get turned on initially, but penetration can start to hurt. A small bit, and not too much of lube may help. Lastly, don’t expect fireworks along with a blast of an orgasm. Just focus on kissing, caressing, fondling each other, and having sex.

Sex can mean different things and is deeply individual. For those who simply want sex, without any emotional commitment nor strings attached, you may want to explore your options. An escort from can make your first time comfier, sexier, and way more pleasurable than what you imagined!

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