I gave up on my man in the end

There are still days when I really miss my boyfriend, but I had just had to let go of the relationship. In the end, it was just very much like he was holding my career back, and I could simply not afford that. Up until that point, I had worked really hard to become an elite escort with cheap escorts, and I was doing well for myself at the escort. When he came into my life, it was like he took over my life, and my work at London escorts suffered as a result.

Looking back on our relationship, I am not even sure how things got so crazy. I thought that he was going to one of those who were really supportive of my work at London escorts, and actually understood why I was into escorting. But, he turned out to be anything but. It felt like he wanted to dominate my life and control everything that I did. Towards the end of our relationship, he was even telling me what hours I could work for the escort agency, and even my friends at London escorts were picking up on the fact that something was wrong in our relationship. I have never been involved with a man who is a complete control freak before, and it was really hard for me to break my ties with him. Like I said to my friends at London escorts, I could not think of any area of my life he had managed to “invade”. It was a little bit like I was looking at my own life with a stranger’s eyes, and I did not feel good about it.

I finally confessed my situation to one of the girls at London escorts, and she helped me to break away from my boyfriend. Since then I have learned that there are several kinds of abuse. Although my boyfriend did not abuse me physically, he did abuse me emotionally. It took me a long time to appreciate that, and I even now feel bad about when I tell my friends at London escorts about what happened. It is a little bit like I feel like I am at the one who made all of the mistakes in the relationship, and I am blaming myself for what happened to us. Has my ex been in touch? He has been in touch several times, and it is clear that he is trying to make me out to be the guilty party. From what I have since found out about him, I am not the only girl that he has done this to. He has been in many other relationships which have ended in the same way. I keep on wondering how I am going to feel about we everything in a year’s time. The good thing is that I have got all of my friends at London escorts to talk to. Without them, I honestly think that I would have gone stir crazy.

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