Why I adore her?

I have been dating London escorts for a while now. Like so many other guys I got involved with escorts in London after my relationship fell apart. I did not think that dating escorts was going to be something that I would get stuck doing, but for some reason, I ended up getting hooked on escorts. It seemed like such an easy relationship solution, and I did enjoy the company of the girls. Dating escorts in London really took a lot of the hassle out of my relationship with women.


Did I expect to fall in love with a London escort? I had not expected to fall in love with any of the girls that I dated from my local escort agency. Instead of sticking to one girl in particular, I tried to meet different girls all of the time. My only problem was that I did not feel that I got that much out of the dates. It did not feel personal enough and I wanted to get more of a personal experience out of dating London escorts.


After I had been dating various girls from my local London escorts service for a while, I decided that I would try something different. I started by checking out all of the girls at my local London escort agency near me in London. Ever since I was rather young, I had this real passion for blondes and it did not take me very long to come across Sapphire. When I first looked at her, I thought that she might be English, but it turned out the gorgeous Sapphire was from Switzerland. She was rather young, but in general I have always found foreign girl a lot more mature anyway.


To cut a long story short, I decided that I would hook up with Sapphire from Charlotte escorts of London.  Sapphire works as an outcall escort like so many other London escorts do. She has got this sexy long blond hair which swishes as she walks, and the moment she turned up at the restaurant I knew that I wanted to see more of her. We had a nice chat, and out of the escorts I had met so far, she was the one I got on very well with.


I don’t mind that Sapphire is a few years younger than I am. Yes, I am lucky enough that she is in the possession of the most perfect body, but that is not the only thing that I like about Sapphire. She has a fantastic personality as well, and I think that is what I like about her the most. I have met a lot of London escorts who are lacking a little bit on the personality side, and I like to go out with a girl who has a nice personality.  This is where Sapphire comes in. She is a really lovely girl and who is in the possession of both the perfect personality and body. I must admit that is why I adore her so much.


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