My beautiful model of London Escort




The best things in life is to have someone and be part of our life. Someone that will guide us and defend us to anyone. A love that is so real and full of sincerity. All of us has been looking for someone to give us the energy to fight over our problems in life. Someone that is willing to love and care for us. Love is just so beautiful to experience, it guides us in the right direction and enlightens our path. To be in love is happiness, especially if the person loves you back. It enlightens our mind to do everything that is good. We are so blessed if we find someone who will help us with having a good life. Love gives us an extreme feeling; it feels like we are happy every day for no apparent reason, catching ourselves smiling while imagining our future. We do everything to make our life beautiful, give our best to have a good future and inspired to go beyond, when we are in love. When we are in love, we are more conscious of our image; we ate healthy foods and exercise. Love has a good effect on human, constant happiness, reflects our body and it feels so alive.


In a relationship, it is essential, to be honest, and loyal to each other to make it work. Of course, we don’t want a relationship that is full of lies and dishonesty, and it destroys the relationship. When trust is broken, it is hard to gain back. And so we should be careful about our actions towards our partner. I feel lucky that I have found the love of my life, someone that is so sweet and beautiful. I am so grateful that I have seen the love of my life, she gave me strength and enlighten my world. She is always there for me and never leaves me. All my life, I have been searching for my one great love, and then she came. We lived in California and studied photography in London. I stayed in London for years but never had a girlfriend ever since. I was playing on my camera and taking pictures until a woman caught my attention. She is so beautiful and perfect for a photo-shoot. I have asked her if I can make a photo with her and she said yes. I have treated her dinner, and both of us seems comfortable. She is a London escort and has kept the communication between us. I am grateful that she let m enter her life. We have a smooth relationship and reach our dreams together. She is the best model I have in my life.

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