Recalling the past – Basildon escorts

All of us has terrible past, and we are trying to forget it as much as possible. One of the painful moments in life is breaking someone’s heart. We all know that love gives us a beautiful feeling we could ever imagine, love helped us to get through with our problems and made us realize how beautiful life is. Love gives us the reason to be alive, to keep kicking, to make every day as unique as it is. When we are in love we are inspired, it’s like we bloom to the beautiful flower, we make sure to do our best and become a better person. If before our life has no destinations now, we are more confident and positive to make our way to our survival. We need someone that can understand us regularly and make us happy. Someone that can provide us with joy and care. We need someone to give us pleasures in life. To have someone on your side is everything, you won’t be afraid anymore of the challenges that come your way. All your problems will light, and you are not fear of another problem that is happening. When you are in a relationship, lucky to have a partner that gives you so much happiness and enlighten your life. When they have positive effects on you, make sure that never do anything that can ruin the relationship, always treasured them because people like them are diamonds, never trade them to anything for your little happiness. But there are some cases that connection causes too much to you negatively, we heard about abusive partners as well as a toxic relationship. When you experienced a bad treatment within your partner, never allow that to continue to you, because the more you keep them, they will destroy your inner peace until you entirely trash to other people’s eye. It caused you to develop fear, depression, anxiety, emotionally drained, etc.

I have been in a relationship for nine years; I met the guy at the school and at the same time, he is my neighbor. At first, I thought he is a good man, he did everything to make me fall in love with him, he is responsible and gentleman. So, in time I fall for him, and we had a relationship. Our relationship goes strong for years until he changed. His changes are becoming violent, and it hurts me. Sometimes he beat and isolated me in his room. He even brought a woman in front of me. I know that is too much and for years I keep allowing him to do it with me.

I break up with him and move to Basildon, London England, and look for work, I became a Basildon escorts from, and I enjoy myself. And I forgot everything about my past and finally move on.


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