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Recently we have received several questions about escorts eating habits. One gent recently wrote in and asked if escorts like pizza. Well, we decided to ask fun loving Heathrow escorts if they like pizza. They certainly do, but they would not expect it on a dinner date. Most of the girls were happy to tell us what kind of pizza they like and why they like it. Pizza can actually a rather healthy food as long as you don’t put too much junk on the pizza itself.

Sara from elite Heathrow escorts from says that she loves a pizza called Tropicana from the local take away service. It has pineapple, cheese and ham on it says but the chef at the take away likes his pizzas spicy so he always adds a bit of garlic and perhaps even some cherry tomatoes. Sara says it is lazy Friday food and she often treats herself to one on a Friday night. She always orders a salad with it so she is very healthy at the same time as being a bit naughty.

Nikki from Delights Heathrow escorts likes spicy pizzas. Her favorite pizza is called Rustica and it has artichokes and chorizo sausages on it and she just loves to tuck into one together one a night out with her girlfriend. At the agency we have a night out every so often and we end up in this really nice pizzeria. They have some really great pizza and we always order a couple of pizzas and share them, she says. It is interesting how so people have such different tastes in pizza. Nikki says it is one of her favorite foods and she likes to have a nice glass of wine with her pizza.

Pepita works from Heathrow escorts as well, and she is partly Italian. She says that she likes a lot of different pizzas but they must all have plenty of garlic on them. Spicy is not so important but garlic is vital, she says. She is also in favor of any pizza that is topped off with cherry tomatoes. Pepita says that they never really cook through and they make this delightful pooping sound when you bite down on them. Pizza is a regular meal in Italy and she loves to eat it her in the UK as well.

Now, I hope that most gents appreciate that Heathrow escorts like pizza and don’t mind going on a pizza date with you. There are several really nice Italian and pizza places in the local area. Not only do they serve up delicious pizzas, but they also serve up delicacies such as Spaghetti Carbonara and pasta in all shapes and sizes. As many good Italian establishments, they also offer homemade Italian ice cream and some of them make their own Tiramisu as well. Nothing like a bit of Italian cooking after a long hard day at work for many of our busy girls at Heathrow!

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