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Vagina farts are on top of all embarrassing acts that you encounter after hardcore sex. Men find it a bit unusual. Women feel weird about it. Some guys even love it during sexual expeditions. It is not associated with any filthy odor, as any gases do not cause it. A lot of reasons contribute to such behavior of the vagina. Some of the sex positions are associated with the cause of vagina farts. London escorts found a way to avoid this unattractive occurrence for those who don’t like this unusual behavior of the vagina.

It is quite common to have farts when you have hardcore sex. London escorts from say don’t feel embarrassed about it. When you have a pimple, you cover it up. In the same manner, you should cover up the farts to make it less prominent compared to the background sound. They make noise pitch relatively high to cover up the farting sound coming from the vagina. London escorts suggest that the farting sound can cover up by playing songs, movies, and others in the background. The best antidote for these farts is moaning sound. More often, you see girls moan. It is because they want to hide farts to render the best sexual experience. Some people love these farts. For them, this sound works well.

A London escort read that by merely changing the positions; you can avoid the farting sounds. Sometimes you don’t prefer noisy sex. People love enjoying sex in silence. Apart from that, people get tired of playing music in the backdrop. There is always a way out. Generally, the doggy pose leads to more farts in comparison to other poses. The girls at Charlotte escort say, switch your poses. When they think that fart sounds are going beyond the level you can endure, they recommend you to change positions without hampering your pleasure. Doggy style leads to more farts because it requires more penetration as compared to the other poses. More penetration means more and more air means more air comes out of the vagina. You can try out different positions like side entry, missionary, and receptive partner on top to avoid the farting sound to a great level.

London escorts say to remember. It’s a natural process that occurs due to many reasons. It is because of the motion of the penis into the vagina. Penetration draws air into the vagina and, in turn, causes vagina farts. When the penis is the main reason for this, why should you feel embarrassed about it! At times looseness of the vagina becomes a cause of these unusual sexual behaviors. Escorts in London advise laughing it off to make sex enjoyable. It is the right time to enjoy your sexual experience. You can’t stop and cry over spilled milk. When things don’t bother your partner, worry no more. Enjoy to the fullest.

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