Mark works for a software company that keeps him on his toes all the time – Kensington escorts

He never has free time for anyone apart from his work, and this was part of what led to problems in his six years of marriage. His friends kept on urging him to take some time off for years until one day when he decided to heed the advice and take a vacation.


He always complained of how his marriage had issues, including in the bedroom. He complained of how boring their sex life was because his wife would not perform oral sex on him. The other problem was that he was too shy to ask his wife to do oral sex. His marriage was at such a wrong place that he decided to go for the vacation alone and even decided to hire an escort only for the oral sex. He hired one from the Kensington escorts from The day came, and Mark met up with the staff.


When they met up in the hotel room, they started making out. As they made out, they tried reaching out to the pants, but they declined and stopped. It started heading down to the crotch, kissing every inch of the body slowly and strategically. Mark was already ready to receive the blow job he hadn’t had in years. However, the escort did not go directly to the dick. No! She went for the balls. She sucked them for over 15 minutes and licking them without touching the dick.


She then moved up and reached for the dick. She was not only sucking it. She was slobbering on the dick as if she was dying of thirst, and his dick had the water she needed for the kilometers ahead. She deep-throated his dick as she stared into his eyes. He came with so much force, more than he had ever done in his whole life and maybe ever would in the future. It was so hard that his entire body was all tingly as he came.


In cessation, he explained that he had never had such an experience ever. He wanted to experience it repeatedly, so he was ready to open to his wife and tell her what he wanted the next time they had sex.

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